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Voici enfin le question/réponse ! Comme il est assez long, je l’ai mis uniquement en anglais, mais il est facilement compréhensible tant mon vocabulaire est simpliste.

Here is the Q & A ! Sorry for the poor English, I did it myself as it is a bit long, so a better translation will be for the next article. Hope it is still understandable thought !


If you could realize 3 wishes ( other than peace in the world, end of starvation, family health) what would they be ? Hmm this is a tough question, hard to choose … I would like to be always happy as I am now, I would like to have a magic wand to make appear anything I want Immediately , and a flying hover, just like in back to the future !
Could you tell us some of your defects ? I’m stubborn, never give up until I get what I want, I’m lazy and I spend too much time in the shower.  what’s your fiance like? He’s very charming! Half french half japanese. He’s working as an engineer. Will you post a picture of you and your fiancé one day ? Well, I don’t think he wants to appear on the blog … and for me this is a part of my life I prefer to keep private. But one day maybe ! Do you plan to make or buy your wedding dress? I think I will design it, but then will give it to a profesionnal, as I really want it to be perfectly made ! When will you get married ? I finally decided do not get married this summer, but the next one. That almost gives me too much time to prepare the party don’t you think ?


I wish I still could wear that dress !

What is you favorite cafe or restaurant in Paris? I love Le loir dans la Théihère in le Marais. Your favourite fast-food chain ? I would say mac donald’s, even if I’m feeling guilty to say this. I really like the Mac bacon though ! What is your favourite foreign-TV show ? I have no idea … Pimp my car on MTV ? OUTCH that was a bad answer. I love flight of the Conchords. Favourite food ?  I’m crazy for salad, and I also really like taboulé ( tabouleh ? ). Favorite sweet ?  CHOCOLATE ! Favorite film ? The virgin suicides, I love every Sofia Coppola movies. Favorite horror film ? Valerie and her week of wonders, I’m scared very easily, so it counts as one for me ! Favorite Disney ? Snow white.  What is your favourite book ? L’écume des jours by Boris Vian, such a great book, but so sad ! Favourite charity ? Giving money, food and clothes to the church in my street. Do you have a pet ? Oh, and if you don’t, what is you favourite animal ? My mom was scared of animal so all I had when I was a child was a goldfish and a Peruch couple. I’m not so much into dogs or cats … But I would melt for a cute and fluffy chinchilla ! Finish this sentence: ” Oh…my..gosh…Brad Pitt is standing over there! I’m going to _________ ” ask him if I can babysitt his kids ? No seriously, I don’t think I would do anything, but in the case it was Johnny Deep instead, it would be much different believe me … I would get completely wild ! Are you a scruncher or a folder ? Hahaha ! I’m a total folder, even if i’m not an organized person at all !


With my mom and my brother. I’m the one on the bike.

Coffee or tea ? I hate coffee, so tea please ! What’s your favorite music ? I like Folk and electro the most. At the moment my favorite band is fleet foxes, but I also love Air, Cat Stevens, Au revoir Simone, The beach boys, Mozart.  Favorite drink ? Banana and abricot juice,white fruity wine and champagne, Perrier. Could you tell 5 random things about yourself ? 1) My room is always very messy. 2) I am VERY shy. 3) I suck at maths.  4) I walk very fast. 5) I’m always lost in a dream.  5 things you love ? 1) Springtime. 2) Having picnic in the middle of nowhere. 3) listening to my vinyls. 4) Sleeping. 5) Pink. 5 things you hate ? 1) My hair wet after shower. 2) Infidelity. 3) Running. 4) Pointy shoes. 5) Egocentric peoples. 5 things you did and think are incredible ? 1) Swimming with turtles in Bali. 2) Driving a plane ( but I was not alone ! ). 3) Eating shark soup in japan ( the person who invited me really wanted me to taste and it was … hard to describe ). 4) Watching a movie in an open cinema on the beach. 5) I still have time for a new experience ! What are your 5 favorite possessions? 1) My engagement ring, I can stay there just looking at the sparkling diamond for hours. 2) My Chloé shoes. 3) My Chanel bag. 4) My Camera. 5) All my dresses !  5 things you can not live without? 1) A computer. 2) Contact lenses. 3) A fluffy pillow. 4) One kiss a day. 5) Music. 5 things that you are coveting? 1) Another Camera, an even better one !. 2)  Stuffs I’ve been missing and absolutely don’t need but feel like I can’t live without such as these  Prada shoes , this and this miu miu beauties, these Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga boots. 3) Seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan. 4) Holidays in the sun. 5) watching a good movie tonight ( any recommendation? ) Do you believe in god ? Tough question … sometimes yes, sometimes not, it’s complicated.


Which country would you love to visit ? I would love to visit Peru ! And I could kill just to spend one more week in Bali, my first trip there was so nice ! Have you decided to take time of and travel? ( wait, what am i saying ? of course you are ! your going on your HONEYMOON ! [come to Australia come to Australia ! xD]) I’m going on honeymoon indeed ! With my fiancé we plan to do a world tour … but we’re not sure yet, it won’t be be for 2009 anyway ! We will probably land on many places, so there’s chance for Australia ! What’s your favorite cities ? where are your favorite places to visit in france, favorite shops, cafes, parks ? I think I’ m really lucky to live in the city I love the most, Paris ! But I also really like London, Stockholm and Tokyo as well. My favorite places in france are the Bagatelle gardens, Versailles and Provence in the south of france where my dad is from. My favorite shops in Paris are some vintage store, and all other sorts you can find in my Paris guide. My favorite parks are Le parc Monceau where I spent a lot of time when I was a kid, and le parc des Buttes Chaumont. In Which places could I see you ?  Just to see you in real ( at last ! ) OMG this is a bit scary ! I’m quite hesitating to answer this … let’s say anywhere in Paris !


No doubt, I always loved fairy tales !

What type of camera and film (if it is a film camera) do you use? Do you ever edit them on the computer? (such as the vignetting on the bunny-in-teacup photo). I’m using a canon 450 D, withe a Canon EF – Objectif 50 mm f/1.8 II lens. For the pictures such as the bunny in teacup photo, I’m using Poladroid, you can find it here  Who’s taking your pictures ? I mostly takes the pictures myself, using a tripod and a remote, but sometime my friends or my fiancé helps me. Where do you find all those places for your photos ? Is it near Paris or anywhere in France or other countries ? In fact I take advantage of my travels to take pictures anywhere I go. So it can be in very different places, along the Seine in Paris where I live, at the country side during the week end, at grand parents or friend houses during the holidays… Where is located the country house where you take so many beautiful pictures ? There’s not only one place  as I was previously saying, but to give a better idea, at the countryside around paris, and in Auvergne in the middle of France.I was just wondering how you made you blog. Could you also tell us where you made this blog? It’s quite hard to explain, as I didn’t made the blog by myself. It  is hosted by dreamhost, and my platform is wordpress. Will you create some other decoration articles ? I must admit I’m missing them. I think I will probably make some in the next months, as I really would like to change my interior decoration.


Mardi gras ! I had this jacket my dad brought me from his travel to China.

I really wonder what you do in real life? What is your job? You should be only taking beautiful photos, you are so talented with your eyes. In the real life, I’m a fashion designer. but I would take photos my hole time if only I could ! Is your real life as magical as it seems on your blog ? In fact my blog is very close to the reality. Most of the places where I take the photos are places I live in, and the clothes I’m showing are all my own. I must admit I’m really a lucky person ! At what age did you know you wanted to study fashion? I always loved clothes, but decided to really get into it at the age of 14. When did you start drawing (I am always beyond impressed with them!) and sewing? Drawing, since I’m able to hold a pencil, sewing when I started fashion school. In fact I never really enjoyed sewing, I much prefer to make drawings !.  I’m thinking, ways to teach myself to draw better and how to learn sewing. Do you have any advice what I could do? I don’t really feel like the good person to answer, but I think the more you’r making drawing, the more your skills get better. For sewing, the best person is your mother or your grandma I think ! What did you studied ? I’ve been to a fashion school for 3 years, learning custom tailoring, and improve my fashion designing and drawing skills. I also worked at Alexander McQueen and Chloé, Which is my favorite brand. Where can I find your creation, can we buy them from other countries than France ? You can find my designs on the site atelierdelamode.com, And it is possible to order anywhere in the world. Is there gonna be a By Alix spring summer collection ? Maybe ;-)





































Watching cartoons  with my brother and … a rabbit

How do you manage to see the potential of a clothe when you are shopping ? I don’t know. .. if when I see a clothe, I have a sudden urge  to wear it, and that it gives me some outfits ideas, it surely makes it a no mistake piece. How do you take care of your beautiful hair, what are your products, any hair colour ? Thanks ! In fact my hair are not naturally straight. I make them to be straighten every year at my favorite hairdresser. They are not curly either, but were needing more dicipline ! So I’m really satisfied of it. On the side I’m using Pantene Pro-V products only, they are the only ones Which works on my hair ! And I’m not doing any colour, dark brown is my natural one. What are you favorite beauty products ? I’m not using so much makeup, 4 products max: a Make Up Forever foundation , a Chanel eyeliner, and a red lipstick I’m using on the cheeks. I’m a fan of Bioderma products, especially the liquid makeup remover, and the anti shine cream gel. In the morning I wash my face with a La Roche-Posay smooth gel.  What’s your recipe to stay slim, you look really classy ! Gosh it’s curious to hear that as I don’t considerate myself as the slimmest person. I’m doing nothing in particular, I’m not really into sport, but I definitely should ! Do you know how to play the ukulele ?I’m playing really badly ! Even having two ukulele, I’m only using them for decoration, such a shame I know !



























Daddy’s knees are much better than any chair in the world !

Have you found that your original vision for starting this blog and the blog as it exists now have a gap? That is to say, how (if at all) would you say the blog now has (if at all) drifted from or changed from the original vision of the blog? Basically, do you find that these things tend to take on a life of their own after a little while (or especially after becoming popular)? I don’t feel like there is a gap, even if I feel that things evolve. Maybe the most noticeable « changing » things are  the picture showing an evolution in quality ( I’m not using a digital camera anymore ! ). But I still have the same habits, and my style remain the same even if it’s not a complete copy from 2 years ago.  I don’t considerate myself as popular, but with more and more people visiting, I just want to do something everytime better, which makes the blog in a constant change, in a good way !




American style proms may not be customary in France, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still wear gorgeous dresses!
Today’s frock came from one of my favourite Etsy shops:
Persephone vintage.
It’s also where I found my blue Dorothy dress.
I really like the details of this black number; the satin material of the skirt complements the fitted lacy bodice perfectly.
Such a vintage treasure could easily rival any similar designer piece.
With that, I must go! I’m all of a sudden overcome with the urge to dance!
But wait, do I really need a date?

Music: Ronettes – be my baby

Ce n’est pas parce qu’il n’y a pas de bal de promo à l’américaine en France que l’on ne peut pas avoir une belle robe pour autant !

Celle que je porte aujourd’hui vient de l’une de mes boutiques préférées sur Etsy: Persephone vintage.

J’y avait également déniché ma robe bleue à noeud façon Dorothy.

J’aime vraiment les détails de cette robe noire, le tissus satiné du bas qui s’associe à merveille avec le haut ajusté et décolleté en guipure.

Un trésors vintage qui pourrait sans aucun mal rivaliser avec les pièces d’un créateur.

Je vous laisse, j’ai soudain une envie folle de danser !

Mais que manque t-il sur les photos … Un cavalier vraiment ?





Robe Persephone vintage Persephone vintage dress

Sac topshop / topshop bag

Chaussures Chloé / Chloé shoes

Grand noeud fabriqué moi même / Home made hair bow

The girl with an umbrella


There once was a girl,
Who found an umbrella in a tree.
Jet black and imposing,
It was so becoming,
She vowed never to abandon it.
Not in the winter, and not in summer.

Music: Lou Reed – Perfect day

Il était une fois une fille

Qui avait trouvé un parapluie dans un arbre

C’était un parapluie noir

Et celui ci était tellement charmant

Qu’elle décida de ne plus le quitter

Que ce soit en hivers qu’en été







Robe vintage / Vintage dress

Parapluie Apple tree ( Londres ) / Apple tree umbrella ( London )

Ballerines repetto / Repetto flats